A little bit about the people behind the brand

Who would have thought that something started as a fun family venture could turn into a Modest Swimwear brand that is trusted and loved by many women worldwide?

When co-founders Susan Esses, Melissa Chehebar and Rachel Tabbouche started to dabble in manufacturing Modest Swimwear, the concept was hard to sell.  People couldn’t understand why they had to buy a special bathing suit to swim and enjoy water activities, when they could wear an old t-shirt to keep covered.  The marketing genius Steve Jobs was correct when he said   “A lot of times people don’t know what they need until you show it to them”.  And so it has been with Undercover Waterwear.

A few years ago Modest Bathing Suits were a “luxury”, but today they have become a “necessity”.  As we grow our business and expand our line, we try our best to stay in tune to the needs of the customer.  Our line has grown to include Ladies, Kids, and Plus Size styles.  As well as various levels of coverage including skirts, leggings and swimtops in various lengths and colors.  Our newest edition to our line, our swimbra, has been very well received, solving the question “What should I wear under my swimdress?”

Everyone’s end goal in building a business is usually the same, to monetize.  But the satisfaction and bonds that are strengthened while building a thriving business with the ones you love most in life is priceless.



See our latest styles of Modest Swimwear including Swimdresses, Swimskirts, Rashguards and Swimleggings!

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