What is the purpose of a swimdress or swimskirt?
Undercover Waterwear has developed a full line of modest swimwear for the modest woman who wants to enjoy being active and looking good.  With a swimdress or swimskirt you can enjoy any water activity; such as swimming, jet-skiing, boating or going to water parks , looking good and staying modest.


What do I wear under my swimdress?
Our line of modest swimwear is made with you in mind.  All women are proportioned differently and need different support.  With that in mind, Undercover Waterwears modest bathing suits are worn on top of your own bathing suit.  This keeps it easy and cost effective for our customer.  Buy just 1 bathing suit and many swimdresses and you're ready for your aquatic adventure!


What fabric is a swimdress made from?  
Undercover Waterwear's line of modest swimwear is made exclusively from a special chlorine-proof "swim fabric".  This is the same fabric that bathing suits are made from. This ensures that your swimdress or swimskirt will dry fast, be non-clingy and won't weigh you down in the water. 


Does Undercover Waterwear sell sun-protective clothing?
Yes!  All of our modest swimwear is also sun-protective!  The special swim fabric that we use is also UPF 50+, meaning that it protects your skin from the suns strong rays, without having to apply sun-screen!  So while staying modest, you're also keeping safe!


How do I know what size to order?
You can follow our sizing chart, which tells you the size in terms of the fit of our swim dress, swim skirts, and swim tops


When will my order ship out?
Our shipping business hours are Monday - Thursday 10am - 1pm. Any orders placed after these hours will be shipped the following business day.


How do I care for my new modest bathing suit?
We reccomend treating your swimdress like a real bathing suit.  Rinse well with cold water after use and wash on cold, gentle cycle.  Hang dry, away from the sun.  Avoid contact with lotions or creams, as these may stain any fabric. For more tips and tricks, read our blog post on How to Take Care of Your Swimwear.

At Undercover Waterwear, customer service is our priority, so feel free to contact us and we'll be sure to get back to you….