Fashion Guide: How to Skirt

For ladies who want to be modest, swim skirts are a must! But lots of people think that modesty makes you give up on looking good. To prove them wrong, I’m going to show you some of the outfits you can make from from the UCWW Modest Swimwear Line that are totally chic.

But first, let me clarify; these skirts are 100% gorgeous in the water and out. Lots of the outfits that you will see are meant to be worn out of the water! The great thing about these swim products is that they dry really quickly because they’re made from swim material. So once you’re done with the pool or beach, you can transition straight into evening or casual wear. This means that you have less to carry around, and less wet stuff in your bag!

1. The Denim Pocket A-line Skirt


A-line skirts are really great for a few reasons; since they are cut wider on bottom, a-line skirts are easy to move around in. Also, this cut is very flattering for ladies with fuller figures.

Outfit 1: At the Beach

This swim outfit is easy and simple. The Denim Pocket A-line Swim Skirt is matched with a red Basic Swim Top. Accessories are simple, with a red clutch and red sandals.

Outfit 2: Casual Attire

This outfit is edgy and fun. We kept the Denim Swim Skirt, but switched out the top for a black shirt with a black jacket on top. Sneaker wedges add a casual air, and a few jewelry pieces bring out the gold sneaker detail.

2. The Blue Maxi Swim Skirt

Maxi Skirts are generally ankle length, and have a striking look. Long skirts, when done right, are naturally elegant in any setting. Also, since these Maxi Swim Skirts are UPF 50+, the length provides fuller sun protection! Read more on the dangers of sun damage here!

Outfit 1: By the pool

Here, the Cobalt Blue Swim Maxi Skirt is matched with the Coral Reef Rashguard Top. To keep it simple, we added gold band sandals and matching gold sunglasses

Outfit 2: At the Boardwalk

This outfit is perfect for a evening out on the boardwalk. In place of the swim top, we have a leopard print shirt. Black gladiator sandals with a chunky heel add height and flair. Accessories are simple, with a lace black choker, a pretty ring, and a black evening bag. And to bring the outfit together, we added a black belt.

3. The Python Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirts are more form fitting than a-line skirts, as they are cut closer to the body. These skirts are perfect for both dressy and casual outfits.

Outfit 1: White

The Python Pencil Swim Skirt looks comfortable and casual with a white top, sandals, and a funky head scarf.

Outfit 2: Black

Here, we paired the Python Skirt with a plain black top and added black wedges. Another option, you can throw on on a Black full zip Swim Top, worn as a jacket. This outfit is an elevated casual look.

4. The Coral Sarong Skirt

The Sarong Swim Skirt is a special run that is available in stores only. It is an a-line cut skirt with a light, waterproof netting that knots to the side.

Outfit 1: Lounging by the Water

Match this Coral Sarong Swim Skirt with a White Basic Swim Top and accessorize with white flip-flops, a cute head scarf, and white sunglasses.

Outfit 2: For a Day Out

Without changing much, you can give an outfit a whole new style! Swap out the scarf for a hat, flip-flops for floral wedges, grab a purse, add some jewelry to dress it up, and you’re ready for a day out with friends!

Hope you enjoyed this fashion guide! Leave your comments down below and let me know what you think! :)

Thanks for reading!

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