Get Ready for Summer with beautiful Modest Swimwear

With summer upon us, many shoppers are beginning to search for modest clothing that is airy, breathable, and fashionable. It can be a tricky task, as one peruses the local mall offerings for items that meet one's modesty guidelines. All the more so for someone who is active and wants to go from a jog on the beach or a swim in the pool to brunch with friends or carpool. Thankfully, leading a modest and active lifestyle while staying up to date on fashion trends is no longer a paradox. Let us show you how you can achieve that effortless, modest fashion look with our modest swimwear dresses, skirts, and tops; leaving you with more time to relax and bask in the summer sun.

The first important lesson about styling modest looks and athleisure in the summer is rethinking the pieces you wear. Many of us might be stuck in the mindset of wearing modest activewear and swimwear for their activities only, yet they don’t realize the potential that is there. For example, take our Ladies Swim Dresses; and imagine wearing them to the beach, to the pool, out to the sprinklers with the kids, and then even for dinner with a pair of pretty flats and a stylish belt. The modest swim Safari Flow Dress, is the perfect piece to style up or down. Throw on a denim jacket and pair it with some cool sneakers, and what you wore to the beach can be instantly transformed to a night out look with your friends. Another great option is the swim Maxi Dress, the uber cool maxi length is perfect for work and play.

Separates can also be a great way to take modest swimwear and activewear and incorporate them into your day to day routine. One can wear one of our great basic Aline skirts like the swim Black and White Floral Aline Skirt with a basic swim top for biking, hiking, and so much more. There are so many options for ladies to be modest and chic. The Ladies Swim Skirt with Leggings, is such a great option for those that enjoy comfort and style while jogging, biking, surfing, swimming, taking an outdoor exercise class, and more. Pair it with the Tropical Leaves Rashguard Top or Missoni Rashguard and you’ll be on the best dressed list! The Nude or Black Mesh Sarong is another great modest skirt and you can feel confident that no matter your style, sporty or feminine, there is something for everyone. 

What we love the most about ladies and girls modest swimwear, is that the opportunities for styling and mixing and matching are endless. Not to mention, the swimwear apparel offers sun protection, is non clingy, dries fast, and is durable. In need of swim shorts or a swim bra to make you feel confident and comfortable whilst engaging in your favorite summer activities? We’ve got you covered! With our black swim shorts, swim leggings, bra, and swim skirts in different lengths; you’ll be able to optimize your time doing the things you love and feel stylish at the same time. 

Summer is the time to relax, spend time with family, work on your self-care goals, and take care of your physical health. One no longer has to compromise their fashion aesthetic and taste while doing what they love. Undercover Waterwear modest swimwear offers a bevy of options, and transitioning from one activity to the next has become much easier. Just reimagine swim modest dresses, swim tops, and swim skirts as wardrobe staples and you will be all set for an enjoyable summer that meets your active modest lifestyle. 

 by Michal Goldfein

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