Heading to the beach with the kids for Memorial Day? Here are some tips!

Imagine the following scene; you are laying in a beach chair with the summer breeze gently blowing against your skin. You slowly lift your eyes to gaze at the crashing waves while the birds chirp softly, and the sand caresses your skin. You feel completely at ease, and then suddenly you awaken, to the joyful, yet sleep disrupting screams of your toddler jumping on your bed. You realize, half awake, that today's the day you are headed to the beach with a carload of kids, an armful of beach toys, beach towels, snacks, and other miscellaneous items. Sadly, this trip won't be as relaxing as your dream depicted. You think to yourself, time to get up and get ready for this fun filled, yet exhausting day. We’ve all been through these moments when we are planning a family trip to the beach and we become stressed and overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are some tips for getting ready for the beach that make a beach day less of a hassle and more carefree.

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            A very useful trick is to pack the night before. Pack your beach tote with essentials like sunscreen, sun hats, baby wipes, water bottles, towels, sunglasses, snacks, and a light jacket for yourself and the kids. Gather your shovels, buckets, and beach balls, so that you don’t have to go searching all over the house in the morning before you leave. Bring two bags, one for your dry items, and one for wet items such as clothes. In terms of food items, try to cut up fruit and place them in Tupperware and make sandwiches the night before. Think about taking a Ziploc bag or waterproof, protective case for your phone. Additionally, you can fill up your car with gas and stash your beach chairs in the car.


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            Having the right swimwear for yourself and your kids is also key to having a worry free day. Since swimwear may get misshapen from year to year, at the beginning of the summer season check your current selection of swimwear. Some of your swimsuits and swim dresses might not fit or might not be as comfortable as you’d like. Thankfully you can go online to Undercover Waterwear and find so many options for swimwear and swim coverups. Take for example, the stylish Zigzag Flow Swim Dress, that is non clingy, and is made with an especially flattering cut. This swim dress comes in two other fabulous prints, Pink Floral and Ocean Wave. If you are looking for a super chic swimwear option, try our Orange Patchwork Wrap Swim Skirt and pair it with our Basic Swim Top or our Ladies Short Sleeve Swim Tee. Having the right swim bra is also vital so that you are comfortable swimming, jogging, running, or even playing beach volleyball. Our Swim Bra is available in Black or Nude and is supportive, so that you can feel confident in and out of the water. Don’t forget vital swim accessories like our Black or Gray Swim Hat. These swim hats are perfect for sun protection and are made from our fast drying material.

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            If you want beach day to be stress free don’t forget to prep your kids’ swimwear as well. Being in the water will be as easy as 1, 2,3, with our Kids Heart Swim Dress or our Kids Denim Elastic Swim Dress. Does your teen like swim tops and swim skirts? Never fear! We carry swim tops and swim skirts like our Teen Camo Set and our Teen Denim Patchwork Swim Set. Teens can have a blast splashing in the waves, going on their boogie boards, or even lounging on their beach towel listening to music in our Teen Swimwear. Checkout our Teen Blue Paradise Swim Set and our Teen Stripe Swim Set. The Mini Me Swimwear collection is perfect for your little ones, and includes the Lemon Mini Me Swim Dress and the Mini Me Heart Swim Set (Shorts Attached).   

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            Remember that amazing beach day dream scenario? At Undercover Waterwear we want you to get as close to that as possible, with the least amount of bumps in the road. Don’t forget to pack the night before and check your swimwear in advance. Remember start shopping for your swim tops, swim dresses, swim bras, and swim shorts now, so that when beach day arrives you can say; ready, set, go!

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