How To Take Care of Your Swimwear

We all have those favorite swim pieces that we love to death! But make sure not to actually wear them to death! Swimsuits are made from delicate material that is easy to ruin. So we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you keep your swimwear in top shape!

    1. Rinse

When you come out of the pool or ocean, rinse your garment with COLD water. This will wash away harmful particles from the water that eat away at the elastic in your bathing suit!

    2. Hand Wash

Never put your bathing suit in the wash! Washing it by hand will ensure that your favorite swim piece won’t get stretched out by the rough washing cycles in your machine.

  3. Mild Detergent

Always use a detergent that is not harsh on clothing. We recommend using a gentle detergent or Palmolive soap.

   4. NO DRYER!!

Putting your bathing suit in the dryer is a big no-no! Bathing suit material hates heat, so alway air dry!

   5. Dry Flat

Hanging your bathing suit to dry is the best way to stretch it out! Especially clothing with thin straps! The best solution is to lay your garment down flat on a clean towel to dry.

   6. Don’t Wring

Resist the urge to squeeze your dripping wet swimwear! Although you might really want to, wringing out your bathing suit can stretch it out and ruin the fabric.

   7. Dry Inside

Although you wear your bathing suit all day in the glare of the sun, sunlight is actually not so friendly towards the delicate material. Excessive sunshine can cause fading, so always dry your swimwear indoors!

   8. Be Careful

Keep towels around for when you sit on rough surfaces. Sitting on rough cement and wood can cause pulls, tears, and damage in your swimsuit. To counter those harmful effect, make sure to sit on a towel or something soft to protect your favorite swimwear.

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