May-Melanoma Awareness Month

Cancer affects so many of us but skin cancer like Melanoma is easily prevented and treated when caught early. Since it’s Melanoma awareness month, we’ve decided to share with you the easy ways to protect your skin, everything you need to know about the dangers of sun exposure and how the celebs keep themselves protected too. 

The Dangers Of Sun Exposure

Lying out in the sun too long accelerates the effects of aging and increases your risk of skin cancer. While in western culture the skin ideal is to be tanned, the real question is at what cost? Aside from the deadly skin diseases that can form from too much unprotected skin exposure, the sun actually creates many of the symptoms we consider a normal part of aging. Too much sun exposure will create more and deeper wrinkles, brown age spots, loss of elastin and can even allow you to bruise more easily.

Of course sunburn is one of the most common of all skin conditions associated with sun exposure. While minor cases result in an uncomfortable reddening of the skin which after treatment will go away easily, while other more serious cases can result in blistering and a crocodile skin like effect.

How to Protect Yourself In the Sun

Whether you choose a spray, oil, cream or lotion based skin protector, always read the instructions carefully. Most skin protectors should be applied thirty minutes before exposure and again once exposed to the sun. Don’t forget to reapply after swimming and apply more product to areas prone to burning such as the nose, thighs and shoulders.

It’s also very important to protect your head and neck in the heat too. Heatstroke is extremely common, resulting in dizziness, nausea, migraines and fatigue. Always protect your head and neck with a wide brimmed hat, wrap or parasol for prolonged exposure in the sun. Try out our chic and practical swim hat in gray, black or navy to keep the heat off your head

How Celebrities Cover Up



Many celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Elle MacPherson, Courtney Cox and Glee star Lea Michele are all fans of the rash guard on the beach. Protecting themselves against burning, chafing and simply covering up, the rash guard is becoming more and more popular as caring for your skin in the heat becomes a higher priority than achieving the perfect tan.


Our rash guards and swim tops at Under Cover Water Wear feature solid color designs, color blocking styles, side ties and zipped necklines providing a style for everyone. Shop our favorite rash guards and swim tops here.


But it’s not just your upper half that can be subject to sun damage. Looking after your legs is extremely important too. You can protect your legs on land or in the water with our suitably designed swim skirts, leggings or shorts. With sizes ranging from extra small to 3X, there’s a piece for every body type and style. Use our maxi length swim skirts or full length leggings for maximum coverage. Made from UPF 50+ fabric technology, our products will provide all day long protection from the sun, idea for avoiding burning or for when burning had already occurred and you have no choice but to remain in the sun. Check out our best styles below.

Don’t forget, if you’re spending a lot of time in the water, the reflections can increase the suns effects, making them more damaging. Deceivable, as you’ll feel cooler under the water, be sure to remember to limit your time spent in the sea or pool, applying sun protection frequently and use water resistant formulas wherever possible.


Finally, always drink plenty of water during hot days as this too can be a danger in hot weather. It’s very easy to become dehydrated in hot weather especially if you’re participating in water sports. Be sure to refuel with fresh water and most importantly, caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, will actually dehydrate you more, so don’t count them when toting up your water intake. Stay safe in the sun folks and cover up to protect your skin and avoid long term damage.

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