Modest Swimwear For All Body Types!

Many of us encounter the conundrum of not knowing what to wear or how to pick out clothing that flatter their body types. All women are beautiful and should be able to wear pieces that highlight their beauty; regardless of their shape and size. At Undercover Waterwear, we are constantly striving to create swimwear that flatters all body types. Whether you are Apple-Shaped, Pear-Shaped, have an Hourglass figure, an Inverted Triangle Body Shape, Rectangle Body Shape, Petite figure, Plus-size or tall, there are a multitude of swim tops, swim skirts, and swim dresses, to choose from.

 modest swim

            Our great collection of swim dresses, made for different body types, will give you the confidence you need. For example, the Maxi Sash Dress, is a great swim dress for a woman who has a rectangle body shape, or a more athletic build. The self-tie sash of this swim dress style can give you a more defined waist and accentuate your curves.


            The Green Marble Swing Swim Dress, is a great flowy dress that suits an inverted triangle body shape, because the swim dress has a flare on the bottom that gives you the illusion of fuller hips to balance out your shoulders. The Zigzag Flow Swim Dress, is a great swim dress that can work for both petite and tall girls. The swim dress has a flattering cut that tightens at the bottom and by the sleeves, and loosens by the waist.


modest swim

            At Undercover Waterwear we also have a great selection of swim tops and swim skirts that flatter your body type. If you have an Hourglass shape, you have a nicely defined waist our A-line skirts highlight this beautiful feature. For example, the Missoni A-Line Swim Skirt which goes up to size 3X. The Black & White Floral A-Line Swim Skirt is chic and is the perfect year-round print. Pair it with the Black Front Tie Swim Top, which is a super flattering style that allows you to show off your waist.

 modest swim

Many of our swim tops, swim skirts, and swim dresses, have the plus-size woman in mind. Undercover Waterwear offers sizes from XS through 3X and our swimwear comes in a multitude of styles. Regardless of your body type or shape, you should be able to enjoy water activities with confidence. Embrace your inner beauty and inner fashionista with our swim tops, swim skirts, and swim dresses.

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