Modest Swimwear is Making Waves in Beaches across the World

A decade or two back it was difficult to find modest swimwear in most of the Western world. There were few takers as skimpy bikinis and bare-all Brazilian bottoms were synonyms for beach fashion. Women who didn’t don these, hardly made it to the beaches. Modest swimwear was targeted towards religious and faith based communities. A lot has changed in the last few years and today women walking into the beach wearing modest swimwear are called sexy.

Beyond Religion & Orthodox Practices

Some might link the popularity of modest swimwear with increasing number of women from religious and orthodox backgrounds walking into the beach. This however isn’t the only reason as unlike the 1970s and 80s baring skin is no longer seen as a symbol of women’s liberation. Secondly increasing groups of women such as moms with kid or those with a plus size prefer to wear modest swimwear on the beach. These beachwear also protect people from harmful ultra-violet radiations of the sun. With cases of UV rays induced cancer and other infections on the rise, women are switching to this type of clothing on the beach.

Online Sales On The Rise   

The demand for modest swimwear has increased manifolds in the last few years. To put this into perspective, several online stores are exclusively selling modest swimwear. A large cottage industry has developed selling such kinds of swimwear in different styles, designs and shades of color. These clothing go beyond the single and two pieces and have as many as four or five pieces that include set of capris, tops with sleeves, swim bra and even a matching swim cap.

Pick up a modest swimwear and head out to the beach, don’t be surprised if your friends and even strangers call your outfit ‘sexy’.

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