Summer Traveling!

            Picture this, you are sitting on the beach drinking an ice lemonade or sitting pool-side, enjoying a sliced pineapple. This is what vacation dreams are made of, and regardless of your vacation locale, being in or near the water instantly makes you feel like you are on vacation. You might be traveling somewhere new, take Italy or Greece or enjoying the Mediterranean waters of Israel. Whether you’re traveling to an exotic locale or simply going to the Catskills this Summer, it’s always important to keep your swim ready essentials at hand. Thankfully this travel-ready guide includes the perfect modest swimwear for all your water activities.

 kids modest swimwear

            For starters let’s take a look at swim tops and swim skirts that are ideal for a European voyage. Blue Bandana Maxi Swim Skirt which you can wear to the beach, a restaurant, a store, or to go swimming is a showstopper. This skirt paired with the Basic Swim Top, is the perfect transitional piece that can take you from a boating excursion on the Canals of France, to touring the quaint streets of the villages you encounter along the way. Going surfing as well? No problem, the SURFsuit, is designed for ladies and girls who want to rock the waves.

 purple surfsuit

If you are traveling to Miami or Orlando with the family or somewhere stateside, Undercover Waterwear has so many swim dresses, swim tops, and swim skirts for you to wear. The Patchwork Maxi Knot Swim Dress, is a great swim dress that combines comfort with style. It has a classy cut that makes lounging at the pool or beach easy, and comfortable. The Pink Python Flow Swim Dress, is a great addition to your swim wardrobe, and is easy to transition from being poolside, to grabbing a quick lunch with friends. If you are going to be by a lake, perhaps in the Catskills or near Lake George, there’s an abundance of swim styles befitting any swim activity. Whether you’re going on a boat or rafting excursion or just enjoying a beautiful lake view, the Blue Bandana Print Swim Top, is the perfect piece to be comfortable in and out of the water. Pair it with one of our ladies’ swim bottoms, like the Ladies Pencil Swim Skirts, or the matching Blue Bandana Maxi Swim Skirt and you’ll be able to be protected from the sun and swim in modest, fashionable attire.

 pink maxi sash swim dress

There’s no time like the present to explore the wonders and beauties of the world. Many of us are embarking on travels, and looking forward to having new or tried and true experiences. When you are packing that suitcase don’t forget to keep in mind some of the water activities you may encounter on your travels. Packing our swim dresses, swim tops, and swim skirts will take the guesswork out of getting dressed. Go on, keep that adventurous spirit high, because with our swim collection at your fingertips you can enjoy your swim activities with ease.

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