Photo-op ideas for your next beach vacation

Create memories that will last a lifetime on your next beach vacation

 A family beach vacation is an opportunity to relax, swim and be able to do nothing without feeling guilty.  The memories we create when spending time with family on vacation are moments we want to remember all year long.

 With the help of other popular blogs, we’ve compiled a list of some creative “photo-op” opportunities for you to capture those moments and bring home a piece of your vacation without all the sand!

Have each family member hold a poster with their age.  This will take the guessing game out of it years down the road trying to figure out how old everyone was!

Try having the girls coordinate in their modest swimsuits for some really fun, beachy shots!

Dig in some funny face shapes into the sand, and lean in for a cute shadow effect.  The dug out sand will enhance the fun and add some character.

Bring along a picture frame and play around with the leverage to achieve a whimsical photo.

By using different angels and lighting, it can be a fun learning experience for the kids.

And the winner is…..

Goofy kids especially will enjoy looking back at their beach days with a shot like this.  Dig one child into the sand and have the other bend down with their back to you.  Yes, it’s supposed to look like the boys head is off his body!

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