Style Diary; Chapter One

Welcome to the first chapter of our new series, the Style Diary! Every week, we’ll share a new set of outfit ideas centered around one item, along with tips and tricks on enjoying your modest swimwear to the max!

This week, we had to do the Denim Tie Top. The Denim Print has always been one of the favorites, and with our new Tie feature, there are so many ways to wear this top!

Author’s note: I love this top, and it’s a piece in my wardrobe that I never fail to bring on vacation. I wore it for a full day in and out of the water on my last trip!

So let’s get right into it:


Denim on denim is a great look! I would recommend this outfit for a lazy beach day or a lunch out. Dress it up with cute wedges, jewelry and a fun beach bag. The good thing about having an all denim look is that it matches with so many colors!

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Match up the Tie Top with a printed skirt from our collection for an easy, cheerful outfit. Shown here is the Missoni Pencil Skirt, which matches beautifully with the denim print. We have many more printed skirts that match, be sure to check them out HERE!

With an outfit like this, you can wear it all day- in the water and out, because it dries very fast. (Especially on hot summer days!) This is one of the things that makes Undercover Waterwear products so convenient- it looks good enough to wear all day, and transitions right out of the water to regular life. I love this when I’m on vacation because that means less to carry around!

Adding a Skirt With Leggings to really any top is very easy with the variety of colors that we offer. Basic Black is perfect with the Tie Top. This outfit is recommended for all active girls! The skirt is an a-line cut, with sewn-in leggings, so it’s very popular with ladies who enjoy jogging, biking, kayaking, and all other activities! The leggings keep you extra sun safe and modest while you have fun!

Author’s note: Another option is to buy the leggings separately, which are available in different lengths, and wear them with an skirt you buy. I personally also have shorts that I love to wear under an A-line skirt. In my recent trip to Italy, they were perfect when I went snorkeling and stand-up paddling!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks chapter! Check back again next week to see what we feature next! We love to hear your feedback, so leave your comments down below.

Happy water days! :)

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