Summer is in the air!

Summer is in the air and with that comes all the fun outdoor water activities to enjoy. There are so many water activities to enjoy like kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, or surfing. Since summer is all about having fun, the last thing you’d want to be worried about when going on an afternoon banana boat excursion is your swimwear! At Undercover Waterwear we have you covered so you will be prepared for any water activity.

kayaking summer water sports

There are some key things to keep in mind when looking for swimwear that enables you to do the activities you love. Firstly, ensure that you are comfortable and that you can move your body at ease. Going jet skiing? No problem! Try our great swim dresses with an a-line silhouette. For example, our Snakeskin Short Sleeve Swing Swim Dress, is the perfect modest swim dress that gives you the freedom of movement while enjoying swim activities. This swim dress is non-clingy in the water and has UPF 50+ for full protection in the sun. Another great option is the Missoni A-Line Swim Skirt paired with the Black Missoni Sleeve Swim Top, which will give you modest coverage and leave you feeling fashionable and allow you to exude confidence. Don’t let a lack of modest swimwear prevent you from enjoying your favorite water activities. 


kayaking summer water sports

Another important aspect to remember whilst engaging in canoeing, boating, white water rafting, or going to a local water park is that you want something that is quick drying so that you can remain comfortable at all times. All of our swim tops, swim dresses, swim leggings, swim shorts, and swim skirts are quick drying. Take for example our Swim Dress With Banded Sleeve, which dries quickly ensuring that you don’t feel sticky or cold, hours after being in the water. If your idea of a great summer day includes a day rafting down the Delaware and then having a picnic lunch, don’t despair, you can wear any of our swim apparel in the water and afterwards you will be dry in no time. Our Ladies Flairy Swim Skirt, paired with our Black Front Tie Swim Top, will keep you stylish in the water and out; and you don’t have to worry about any clinging, so you can feel completely relaxed. 


At Undercover Waterwear our goal is to allow our clients to get full enjoyment out of all of their water experiences. Rest assured that with our modest swim tops, swim dresses, swim skirts, swim leggings, and swim shorts, you can do anything. Go ahead and enjoy water skiing, surfing, boating, and canoeing in our comfortable swimwear. With that in mind, seeking out adventure and spending time in the water will be a breeze.

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