Versatile Modest Swimwear Achieved!

Undercover Waterwear is a brand created with a unique philosophy. We aim to provide modest full coverage swimwear that is fashionable enough to be worn practically anywhere! Follow us along our exploration of where these gorgeous outfits can take you!


For our first outfit, we picked the reptile pencil swimskirt and the white full zippered swim top. It’s hard to believe that you can wear this stunning pair in the pool or ocean! Wearing this, you are set to do everything, from brunch, to lunch, to poolside. Adjust your footwear to match your setting. It’s that easy!

We introduced the Maxi Swim Dress this season to a hugely positive response. For the ladies and girls who are looking for that extra coverage and ease, the Maxi Dresses were a direct solution! The Denim look is being highlighted here because of its popularity and versatility. No need to find a matching outfit with this dress! Just slip it on and you are ready to go! This swimdress is great for lounging at the beach, strolling around on the boardwalk, and finishing the day with a nice dinner out.

Another swim dress cut in our line is the Flow Dress. In the Turquoise Stripe print, this dress is bold and trendy. Show off this flattering style that is fashionably loose around the arms and tapers down towards the knees. With a nice pair of wedges and your favorite sunglasses, you are sure to make a mark in this dress!


For the all-around outfit, this combo is sure to be the winner! We took a Cobalt Blue Tie-Top and the Pucci A-line Swim Skirt. The key to the versatility here is the A-line skirt. The slight flair in this skirt makes it mobile enough for any activity you can think of- on land or water! Biking, boating, and hiking are just some of the things that you can do while wearing this modest swimwear set. And after your adventures, you can shop, eat, and chill without a fashion care in the world!

To end off, we would be remiss if we didn’t showcase something from our UCfit line. Shown here is the Black and White FIT Skirt matched with the White Full Zippered Top. If the top looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same from our first outfit! This outfit is totally sporty and active. Grab your sneakers and water bottle and head to the gym for a modest workout! This outfit looks great while you’re on your morning jog or yoga. And if you’re looking for even more coverage, throw on leggings or shorts as well.

Thanks for exploring these outfits with us! We hope your modest swimwear takes you wherever you can dream up! Stay modest and beautiful! And don’t forget to share your adventures with us in social media!

Check out some more pics from our summer photoshoot below! 

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